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Monday, March 23, 2015

Walk and treasure hunt at Sunway Lagoon

On last Sunday, I was awake as early as 5.30am to follow my mum to the sunway lagoon .

Early right? But well, the event started early so we had to get there early. Mummy checked in at the media counter and I got sprayed on with Mosiguard to repel any hungry mosquitoes from drinking my blood.

I was happy to see Sweet and Harris, the hosts of Chi Chi and Cha Cha as well as all the mascots.. Chi Chi and Cha Cha , Captain Quack, Lady Quack, Leo , Leona , Samson and even Milo...

We did some warm up exercise then started the walk.. I got excited and happy to see some of the animals along the way. Mummy took great pictures and I did too..

Then the treasure hunt started, I was a part of Aunty Sherry's group and we had to take pictures with the animals... Including a python. I love pythons and have no problem touching it unlike some other people.. hehehe.

I was also excited to be able to see a pair of lovely white lions  , named Zola and Zuri... They are so pretty....

I had a great time...  Bye for now....


  1. Cute animals. My Little Angels love it too

  2. yeah I remember the day, hehe... so fun. Hope to go again soon.

  3. Lucky you gotta attend such fun activities with your lovely mummy. :)


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