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Monday, December 15, 2014

My experience on a cruise ship

Mommy brought me along on a cruise from Singapore to Melaka to Penang and back to Singapore. I know that it is weird but we were there to enjoy the cruise more then to visit Melaka or Penang.

Mommy and I travelled to Singapore and boarded the ship at the Singapore Harbour Cruise. 

This is the first time Mummy and I boarded a ship this big and it was exciting. When we entered the ship, we took some photos at the foyer. Costa Victoria is an Italian/ Venetian theme ship.

This is me on our balcony. We had a balcony cabin which I could look out to the sea... it was exciting but mommy warn me not to go too close the balcony especially when she is not around. I know!!! I am a big girl already but sometimes my parents still treat me like I am 3 years old.

This is our bed. It is pretty big. I brought India, my white tiger soft toy and Doilily my doll . They are my best friends.

This is one of my favorite place on the ship.. the swimming pool... I swam here 3x  or 4 is on deck 11.

Some pictures with a bit of view of the ship...

There is also an inner swimming pool near the spa area but I did not swim here.

Another of my favorite place in the ship is the Squok Club. I would not follow mummy when she went down the ship whenever the ship arrived at the destination ports of Melaka and Penang but instead spend my day here at the Squok Club where I got to play with other kids, and do a lot of activities and so on.

Mummy and I had lovely dinners at the Fantasia restaurant. There are 4 other places to eat on this ship but I love Fantasia a lot as we get served by the waiters. Our waiter was nice. 

Ok... that is all for now, and my story of my cruise on board the Costa Victoria. I hope you enjoy reading it and will continue to read my blog....

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