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Monday, December 15, 2014

Legoland Malaysia

I got to follow my mummy and baba to Legoland a few weeks ago and it was the best time ever. I have been to Universal Studio twice and Sunway Lagoon but not many other places. I have wanted to go to Legoland and so when mummy said we are going to Legoland, I was so excited.
Leggoland is very interesting. I went on the train ride with baba but I did not like the fact there were many mosquitoes. Next time I will bring my mosquito repellant!!

Then mummy and baba took me to see the Star Wars miniland and the Miniland.. it was amazing. I love them. 

Then we went to the Lego Kingdom where mummy and I went on both the small dragon roller coaster and the big dragon roller coaster at the castle. I love roller coasters. I is so much fun and one ride is not enough. I went for two rides each. If I could I would go for more but Mummy said two was enough.... 

Baba and I got to take a picture with a Lego knight outside the Bricks shop ... isn't he funny looking.

We also went to the Legoland Waterpark for a while to play

The wavepool is nice but dangerous with a lot of waves so they give us safety life jackets to wear so we can all stay afloat without the risk of drowning. However there are life guards around who are always watching for emergency cases.

I love these slides... there is a huge bucket of water which will be emptied over us every few minutes.

I really like Legoland. It was a lot of fun. Hope I will be back here again but I also want to go to Hello Kitty land soon I hope..

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