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Monday, December 1, 2014

Legoland Hotel

Mummy brought me to Legoland when she went there a couple of weeks ago and I followed her. We got to spend a night in Legoland Hotel which was like the best place I have ever been to!!!

When you go in the hotel, there is a huge pirate ship and a big castle there in the lobby all made from lego!!!

See above, this is a picture Mummy took of me in the lego hotel.

I also got to take a photo with the Lego Jester. He is not made of plastic but kind of soft and spongey...

There is a nice swimming pool there but I did not get to swim in it...

This was my room. It is no one's else room, only mine. I got 3 beds to sleep in... hehehe Mummy and Baba had their own room in front. I have a TV . Don't you think my room is so lovely.

My room is very awesome. There is a treasure box in my room guarded by a monkey king made of lego . I have to find some clues around the room to open the box, which I did... and look I got prizes for it!!!!

Ok.. now go away... I want to sleep.... hehehe

Legoland is pretty awesome too and I will share some stories and pictures soon as I can get Mummy to help me put them up....

For more pictures and so on, please check out my mom's blog:

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