Thursday, December 18, 2014


I followed my Mummy to the premier of Astro's latest special telemovie ‘Oh My English: Villa Isabellaaa!’ yesterday at the GSC Signature at The Gardens Mall. I was forced to walk through a truly spooky mini haunted house I was really scared of. There were creepy dolls that reminded me of Annabelle and also a lady there whom I thought was a doll until she moved. I almost screamed!


Oh My English: Villa Isabellaaa! is the third telemovie from the famous educational comedy series , after Oh My Ganu! and Oh My English – Hello America! The telemovie, directed by Shamyl Othman,is a production that combines mystery and suspense elements with educational comedy. 

I love Oh My English a lot, because it is funny and I learn a lot on how to improve my English, and other fans like me will definitely be in for a real treat as the new telemovie featuring favourite OME! cast members embark on an adventure with a scary mystery. What’s more, viewers learn to improve their English while enjoying the movie, and learn from the moral values featured.

Oh My English: Villa Isabellaaa! begins with Mr. Henry Middleton (Zain Saidin), along with some of the students of 4 Merah; Jibam (Akhmal Nazri), Jojie (Nadiya Nisaa), Zack (Juzzthin) and Mazlee (Zhafir Muzani), accompanied by Sarjan bin Mejar (Rahim Jalur) and Cikgu Bedah (Sherry Al Hadad)going on a trip to Singapore to pay See Yew Soon a visit . With Sarjan at the wheel and Mazlee, Jojie, Zack, Jibam, Mr. Henry, Aiman (Izzue Islam) and Bedah all on board, the gang set off for their road trip. Their plans are disrupted when their van breaks down. To make matters worse, they end up with a flat tyre and no spare tyre in the middle of nowhere.

They set off on foot to look for a mechanic, and instead stumbled upon a mysterious villa known as Villa Isabella. There is only enigmatic Puan Tiana, a woman in red who lives  there alone and she invites them in to stay the night. Even creepier and weirder, she has cooked for them!! During their stay,  strange and spooky things start to happen.

The over suspicious  Jojie, the only one whose suspicions are aroused, is determined to uncover the truth. She unearths clue after clue, and gradually Puan Tiana starts to seem a lot more spine-tingling than sweet. As the secrets hidden away in the depths of Villa Isabella start to reveal themselves one by one, it gets harder for the gang to ignore Jojie’s suspicions.

Oh My English: Villa Isabellaaa! has been sponsored by Vitagen, Malaysia’s No 1 True Cultured Milk Drink which is packed with Lactobacillus Cultureswhich helps maintain healthy digestive system and stimulate stronger immune system and Mummy and I were quite overdosed on drinking a few bottles of Vitagen at the event yesterday...

I really like the new "Oh My" theme song which we had a chance to watched performed live by Juzzthin and Daiyan Trisha

Astro TVIQ, channel 610 will be holding a 2 day marathon on the 26th and 27 of December, from 10 am to 10 pm where Oh My English! fans are able to interact live via Twitter while watching Oh My Ganu and Hello America telemovies and the best episodes of seasons 1 to 3. Selected Twitter feedswill be shown live on television. So be sure to catch it!!!

Fans of Oh My English! can also get the latest updates and engage with the show through social media – namely Facebook (Oh My English), Twitter (@Oh_My_English), YouTube (Oh My English!) and Instagram (@ohmyenglish). For Oh My English: Villa Isabellaaa! specifically, fans are encouraged to join in the conversation using the hashtags #OhMyEnglish and #VillaIsabellaaa to uncover clues and hints about the mysterious villa – giving them a taste of the story in anticipation of launch of the brand new telemovie.

Be sure to catch Oh My English: Villa Isabellaaa! on 27thof December 2014 at 9 pm exclusively on Astro TVIQ (Astro channel 610) and in High Definition (HD) on Astro Maya HD (Astro channel 135).

Me and Emilia Rosemila @ Puan Tiana 

Me and Zhafir Muzani @ Mazlee
With Sherry Al Hadad @ Cikgu Bedah and Nadiya Nisaa @ Jojie

Check out the official Oh My English! website for more details or learn more English via the interactive games and content.

To subscribe to Astro, call 03-9543 3838 or log on to

Best picture of all, with most of the cast of OME


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