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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Book review: The Magic School Bus presents Sea Creatures

Mummy got this story book for me to read from Scholastic and I really like it.

The book was colourful and very educational.

Through the book, I learn a lot about sea creatures or things that live in the sea.

The story started with Ms Frizzle the teacher of the Magic School Bus bringing the kids and me to the beach. We learn about seaweed, seals, and red crabs..

Then we "went" into the ocean to meet and learn about crustaceans, blue whales, planktons and jellyfish. We also learn the amazing facts of how deep the ocean is!!!

Do you know there are thousands of different type of fishes in the sea??? And I learned how a fish does not drown in the water!!! Then I also learnt about sharks and the pretty and colourful coral reefs which are home to many sea creatures

I also learn there are more then just fishes under the sea. There are snakes, turtles and iguanas and they are reptiles. Then there are shell fishes and kelps...

And the "oh so cute" seals, manatees and dolphins among other mammals that live in the sea with the octopus, jelly fish, squid and worms

Last but not least we learn about how to save the ocean.

There are also a lot of new words to learn and their meaning. 

I never knew there were so many different kind of things that live under the sea.
I really like this book as it is colourful and very interesting. I feel like I am also on a trip under the sea with Ms Frizzle and her students....

There are so many other of the Magic School Bus series like you can see here... other series

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They  publish books for children from age 0+ to young adults (teens).
Their books are available in all major bookstores across Malaysia.

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