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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Book of Life

Last night , I went to the cinema to watch "The Book Of Life" in 3 D. The characters name are Maria, Chuy, Manolo and Joaquin. Maria is a beautiful girl. Chuy is Maria's pet pig but she sounds like this "bekk!!"  Manolo is Maria's best friend. Joaquin is also best friend.

The other characters name are La Muerte , Xibalba and Candle Maker. La Muerte is from the Land of the Remembered. Xibalba is La Muerte's husband and he rules the Land of the Forgotten Souls. Candle Maker is an old God.

Manolo and Jaoquin were both in love with Maria. But she only loved Manolo more then Jaoquin. Somehow , Xibalba cheated and Manolo died.

Sadly, Maria get married to Jaoquin to save the village as her father and all the villagers think that Jaoquin can save them all, On her wedding day, Chakal  wanted to attack the whole village. But Jaoquin cannot save the village because his amulet is on his other suit.

Manolo came with his family back from the Land of the Remembered after the gods gave him his life back. Manolo fought with Chakal and won.

Everyone thought he died again but he came out alive because Jaoquin still cared for his friends and put his amulet on Manolo before Manolo went to fight Chakal.

 Maria's father finally let Manolo and Maria get married and everyone lived happily ever after.

I think the story was cool!!!! Have you watched it??  You can read more at my mummy's blog

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