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Thursday, October 2, 2014

My visit to the International Horse Show 2014

Last Sunday Baba and Mummy agreed to take me to the Selangor Turf Club near the Palace of The Golden Horses. They were having an International Horse Show then and there was many activities to do. 

I saw so many horses. They were pretty. Some horses were so pretty with their hair/mane braided up and so on.

I saw the mascot there to. There was a contest to name her. Mummy said she should be called Nelly or Neighly 

Have you ever seen a horse with green or yellow hair/mane?? I did!!!

See the horse behind me.... so naughty.. Sticking his tongue out!!!

I love horses. I want to get a horse when I grow up!!!

Now I am going for my pony ride... or a horse ride!!! My ride  does not look like a pony!!! I think she's a thoroughbred. She certainly is very tall and big...

This is me on my "horse", definitely not a pony... hehehe

I like her. She is graceful

We paid RM3 for 2 rounds around the circle

And then... my ride was over.... I was helped off the horse by the aunty...

I also got my hand drawn with henna, watch some Equestrian games then we went home.
I enjoyed mysef very much but too bad it is only a once a year event...

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