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Thursday, October 30, 2014


Thanks to Darlie I received a set of the new Darlie Bunny Kids toothpaste.  I was very curious to know how it tasted like and I opened the boxes up..

The first box I opened was the Apple Flavor one.

There is a cute rabbit on the box and also on the tube of the toothpaste...

 It was green in colour and smelled like the apple candy my mother loved.

The taste is also like apple candy. I enjoyed brushing my teeth with the Darlie Bunny Kids toothpaste a lot!!! 

Brushing teeth is important as it keeps cavities and germs away from our teeth and makes our teeth stronger. And with Darlie Bunny Kids Toothpaste, Mummy don't have to worry if I accidently swallow the toothpaste as it is made of 80% of the ingredients are food grade ...

After finishing, my mouth smelled of apples... Tonight I am going to use the Darlie Bunny Kids Strawberry flavoured toothpaste!!! Yaaayyyyy

These is the benefits you can get with Darlie Bunny Kids toothpaste

  • ·         Contains calcium to help strengthen teeth
  • ·         Contains fluoride to fight against cavities
  • ·         Has low level of foam for gentle cleaning without irritation
  • ·         Has no added sugar

Darlie Bunny Kids comes in four variants : Strawberry, Orange, Apple and Cola. 

The new pack will be available at all pharmacies and supermarket outlets nationwide starting October 2014 at RM2.80 (40g). It also comes in a Value Pack at RM4.30 for two packs of 40g tubes (Strawberry flavour only). 

Come let's brush our teeth every morning and evening so we can have nice teeth...

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