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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Daikin launches new Air Con with R32

Daikin Air conditioning (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (Daikin Malaysia) has introduced its next generation refrigerant (cooling agent) called the R32, with the purpose to promote green technology. The R32 gas is good for the environment and energy efficient compared to conventional refrigerant. The gas has been rolled-out to most of Daikin Malaysia’s new residential air-conditioning products including its flagship model Urusara 7 air conditioner.

 Daikin is active in CSR activities and actively promotes green technology . Daikin was the first company in the world to promote green technology through launching R32 gas in November 2012. Currently, over one million R32 units are already working in Japan.

The R32 refrigerant was developed with zero impact on the ozone layer. It also reduces the Global Warming Potential (GWP) by one third as compared to the conventional refrigerant R410a.  I don't really know what that all means and Mummy has to help me with all this. All I know is I need air con to keep me cool when the weather is hot.

Me checking out Daikin's Air conditioners. They look pretty interesting
Alongside the launch of the R32 was also the launch of Daikin’s new high-end air conditioner, the Urusara 7. The Urusara 7 satisfies every aspects needed for a luxurious lifestyle. It is a pretty amazing Air conditioner to my understanding. It is nicely designed, it helps the environment and it also keeps us healthy as it cleanses the air in the room very well. It also cleanses itself!!!! Isn't it amazing!!

Mummy and I along with all the other guests were treated to a so cool sand art show by Sand Artist Loong Bee.

He draws using sand and very fast. He tells the story of the environment and also how it affects our life and how the Urusara aircon helps improve the environment and make it a better world for us.

I like it when he drew this girl and the butterflies.....

These are the VIPs from the Daikin company. Mr Edwin Chai, Mr Ryuta Hiramoto, and Mr Sanky Sue.

Below... is my picture with one of the nice air cons designed and manufactured by Daikin . Baba can we get one of these for my room when we get our new house......???

Bye for now and thank you for reading my blog.....

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