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Friday, September 26, 2014

what happens in the world's largest hotel laundry...

Continuing where I stopped, after visiting the Genting International Showroom, my junior fellow bloggers and my mummy and her blogger friends were all taken to the one of the World's Largest Hotel, the First World Hotel with 6,118 rooms!!! 

So big right? Oh gosh. We went to the laundry department to see how they manage all the laundry from the hotel and a couple of more places. 

As mummy and I imagined, the laundry was BIG. And all the workers there were as busy as bees.

The laundry comes from two towers. Tower 1 and Tower 2 down a chute in a specific area. Mr Lucas who is the Laundry Manager there showed us around and told us the laundry will be collected up until 7pm or is it 8pm... 

Below is a picture of Mr Lucas telling us about the operations of the laundry department.

See, the dirty laundry are all bundled up in a bigger sheet

Then they are opened and placed on the conveyor belt which will segregate/ separate the pillow case, towels and bedsheets. 

The different kind of linens or towels are then placed into those big blue sacks to queue up before being dropped into an available washing machine.

When the machine has finished washing, and spun dry, the linen or towel will come out of it in a "cake" like form (see below)

It will then be sent to the dryers automatically.

And taa daaa... clean, dry, hot fluffy towels emerge from the dryers. They smell good too as they do in your hotel room.

This here below is an amazing machine. Mummy was very fascinated with it.

The laundry workers place one end of a bedsheet to the holder and another to another holder, then the machine will pull it open and pull the wet bedsheet in to be dried and ironed

And the bedsheet comes out of the machine not only ironed but also folded up!!! How cool is that? I hate folding my clothes... Baba, can we get one of these.... please?

This awesome machine can process 300 sheets in an hour! Oh my goodness!

Me with the freshly ironed and folded bedsheets

Then we were taken to the other section of the laundry where the guests clothes and also the staff  uniform are washed and pressed

Some of the clothes are traditionally pressed like this...

While others were steamed dried by this amazing machine which iron or presses any shirt in just 26 seconds!!! Most of the aunties wanted this machine at home, but it was too expensive... hehehe..

This machine cost about RM150,000. huhuhu

We then were treated to a shirt folding demonstration and then it was the end of of Behind -The-Scenes tour at the Resorts World Genting.

If you are there with your mummy or daddy, make sure to go for this tour. I learned a lot of stuff here.

To join this "Behind-the-Scenes Tour", you can register for the tour at the First World Theme Park Wristband Tagging Counter, located at the First World Plaza or at the registration counter at Vision City Video Games Park (next to the Post Office). The tour is priced at RM20 per person and starts at 2.15 pm. Pre-booking is recommended by email to three days in advance or call 03-6101 1118 ext 55678 to avoid disappointment. Goodie bags will be given to every participant. 

So take the opportunity to join the tour and explore the other side of the resort not many people get to see or witness.

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