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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Poems for me

My English Teacher asked me today to memorize at least two poems. I choose these two.
 What do you all think...

At The Playground

When we went to the playground
I swung on the swings
I slid on the slide,
I hung from the rings.
I raced over to Mom
for a kiss and a cuddle
but as we were leaving,
I fell in a puddle......!!


Woodpecker, woodpecker
Tapping at the tree
Woodpecker, woodpecker 
Can't you see?
Woodpecker, woodpecker 
you can't win
You can knock all day 
But there's no one in!!

I hope I can recite it tomorrow with no mistakes... hehehe
 Wish me luck!!!!

Bye for now....

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