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Friday, September 19, 2014

My trip to i-City

Mummy brought me with her to the i-City in Shah Alam yesterday evening. When I arrive there, the first thing I saw was of horses, a tyrannosaurus Rex, two cows and a lot of flamingos. 

We then headed to the Itsy Bitsy playland. Oh gosh. Heaven for me! And I think other kids too.
The characters were cute. Like from "A Bug's Life". 

We went to the Fun Ride place to wait for others to arrive.

When they arrived, aunty Shirley and aunty Tang Soke Cheng briefed us on our programme for the evening and ushered us to try out the Fun Drive. I was a bad driver. And keep getting accidents.

We had to follow road rules as well. Mummy came and help me drive after a little while. Then we went outside to play for a bit. I got to go on three rides. Then we went for the Jungle Adventure ride. It was exciting. I had lots of fun. 

We got to go on the Spacewalk, a ride where you can cycle to make it go faster like the one in running man, through the city of digital lights. We got to see nice views from up there . It was so colourful.

We then went to the Mist fountain where I really like it there because the mist was so cooling.
Mummy wanted to take photos of the Dancing water too so we went to watch it. It was very pretty and so colourful!!!.

After that aunty Shirley and aunty Tang Soke Cheng took us to KFC for dinner before sending us off. I was sad we had to go but mummy said we had to go home as we lived far away and that we can come back another time. 

I hope so!! I want to go to the Snowalk and WaterWorld if possible. Thanks i-City for the great time

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