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Saturday, September 20, 2014

My trip to Genting

Mummy and I were invited to join the Ice Age Adventure and also Behind The Scenes Tour in Genting and I was excited. So Baba dropped us off at Wisma Genting in the morning after we had breakfast. Above is the picture of our bus.

This is a picture of Mummy and me . We are both in the bus , on the way to Genting Highlands.

See, I am an official blogger. I even have a tag that says, "Blogger" and a goodie bag. This is awesome!!

Here I am at the Ice Age Adventure place... To know more, continue reading my blog. I will post individual stories with Mummy's help...

Hey, see, Sid is here. I like Sid, and my eldest sister Alyssa says I look like Sid!!! How could she!!!!So "Jahat" (Bad)

We can colour at the colouring place and even have an ice cream after the Ice Age adventure.... It is a pretty awesome place to take photos. So, to my dear friends, ask your mummy and daddy, mam and papa, to bring you here to see the Ice Age Adventure ok.. it will be happening until the 26th October 2014.

After the Ice Age Adventure, we went to have lunch at the Coffee Terrace. It was awesome. I had porridge, spaghetti, beef steak, tomatoes, sushi, chicken slice, otak-otak, fish fillet, etc...etc...etc.

Then our Behind the Scenes tour began at the Visitors Galleria, where we learn how Genting came to be, and then to the International Showroom where we learn about sound and lighting. It was really awesome fun. 

After that, we went to the First World Hotel Laundry, the world's largest hotel laundry I think or is it the largest laundry. It is sooooooo BIG. I will write more and share more pictures soon...

Then we went to the See, Do and Eat interactive workshop where we got to see how to decorate cupcakes and also make sushi...

Here I am making Sushi.

Hmm.... decorating a cup cake is a piece of cake... hehehe

Taaa daaa....... remember to read my blog again to see more stories and photos of what I did in Resorts World Genting!!!

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