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Monday, September 15, 2014

My stay in Casa Del Rio Melaka

Early last month, I followed my family to the Casa del Rio in Melaka. It is a very pretty hotel next to the Melaka river.

Here is my mummy and me at the fountain in the middle of the hotel

This is my beautiful big sister, kakak Caca. I have two sisters, and she is the eldest sister

Me in the library of the Casa Del Rio

They gave us some ice with lemon and ginger upon checking in... it was nice.

Ahhh... my favourite place in the room... a bath tub... I love bath tubs!!!!

My mummy and me on the bed. Photo is not clear because taken by Baba and he's not a good photographer...

I love the breakfast there.. so many things to eat...

You can order from the menu as well as eat at the buffet 

After breakfast... time to swim... but do not forget the sun block

The pool here is so beautiful and I can see the Melaka river and the boats or ferry carrying people on the river cruise go by.

I hate it when all good things have to come to an end... Here is my picture all packed and waiting to go back to KL. Wish I can stay longer...

If you want to read more on Casa Del Rio, you can check out my mummy's  blog

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