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Sunday, September 21, 2014

My Ice Age Adventure at Resorts World Genting

Like I said in my previous post, I will share my Ice Age Adventure with you all now... The Ice Age Adventure is happening at the Genting International Convention Centre Meeting Rooms 7-12 from 10 am to 10pm everyday until the 26th October 2014.

There is an Ice Age Theatre where you can watch short films of Ice Age which are shown 12 times a day. Check the schedule when there.

I got to watch Surviving Sid when we were there. After the show, we were asked to follow the actions to win a prize. I had to act like Sid because my mother forced me to take part.

Here I am taking some pictures with the characters of Ice Age. I love them, especially Shira. They are so cute. 

My eggs..... hehehe

Help!!! Piranhas !!

Me on the pirate ship with Captain Gutt and his crew...

Scrat, let's share the acorn!!!

Me and Sid...

Any resemblance here???? My eldest sister think so!!!

Sid and Diego and me

Diego chose me as one of the good dancers.... and also Aunty Jane's son Wei Han

Sid sitting down while Scrat plays a charades game with everyone of the children. We had to guess what he was acting.... It was really funny!

Scrat and me and his acorn again!!!!

Me enjoying an ice cream and colouring a mask.... 

Bye for now and follow me and continue to read my blog ok... I will tell you about having lunch at Coffee Terrace and the Behind the Scenes Tour next time....


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