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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

More adventures at MATTA fair

We met this cute Proboscis monkey.. how is it... two cutie monkees meeting!!!

I had some fun at the Instagram booth dressing up etc..

I really wish and hope I can go to Disneyland soon someday... It is my dream.... to go to the Hong Kong Disneyland because that is the closest, right???

Mummy has been to Taiwan, and I have not.. I hope I can go there too someday....

Colourful costumes of Sri Lanka...

Taking a picture with the mascot of Wet World... but hey... I thought sea horses had a tail.... why does this sea horse have legs.. heheheh

these two guys were pretty creepy....

He is soooo tall isn't he....

Me with the Costa cruise Venetians

I want to take a picture with Edward!!!!!!

I got a picture with Zizan ... yaaayy... he is funny and I like him.

See what I collected at the Matta fair.... hehehe

Bye for now, love,
                        Cutie Monkee

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