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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Lunch at the Coffee Terrace in Resort World Genting

After our Ice Age Adventure, we went to the Coffee Terrace , Genting Highland Resort. On the way, I met Callie the Caterpillar and manage to take a photo with Callie.


Then we had our lunch at the Coffee Terrace. It is very nice there. It is a buffet style meal and you can take anything you want and as many times as you like. 

Mummy tells me not to take too much of one thing. We should take a little of everything to try and if we like it then take some more. Some people take too much food and waste their food, which is sad.


Here are some food I took... Spaghetti, a bun, beef steak, mushroom soup...

Otak-otak , Chicken and beef slice, cherry tomatoes, sushi, sauteed potatoes and fried fish...

Some yummy dessert... though most of these are Mummy's. She has a more sweeter tooth then me. 

 This is the dessert bar... I think many people kids like me and adults like Mummy like this a lot....

This is the Coffee Terrace. It is so pretty right? I think it is...

Another picture at another angle of the Coffee Terrace.

Here is a candid picture Mummy took of me, Aunty Sherry and my new friend..

This is the price list of the buffet  lunch/ dinner. If you are in Resorts World Genting, this is the place you should have lunch or dinner... it is sooo nice there and the food is yummy!!!! I love it. Mummy and Baba, when can we eat there again.... pleaaaassseee?

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