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Saturday, September 6, 2014

How to Rock It with Burger King's Rock It Fries

Burger King Rock It Fries RM1 Promotion

My mummy took me out this weekend and we had burger king. I love the Whopper Jr as usual, while mummy ordered a Swiss Mushroom burger. We got the Rock It Fries. We just paid extra RM1 to our meal and we got it.

This is how it looks like

 You can put the spicy honey sauce in first 

There I put the sauce in already

Add the powder piquante powder. It is chilli powder mix with other spices/ flavours

 Close the lid to the plastic cup the fries come with...

 Rock it now.... shake it gently.... up and down

 Then once mixed, open the plastic lid

Enjoy your Rock It Fries...

It taste a litle bit like black pepper and is yummy! Try it now!

Love Cutie Monkee  

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