Cute Rocking Baby Monkey cutie monkee : Best Buddies Friendship Walk

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Best Buddies Friendship Walk

I followed my mommy to the Best Buddies Friendship Walk . I had a fun time there

I got to take photos with the soldiers there. They were in charge of the man down area

The zombies were funny . They tried to be scary but instead are pretty cute

I had my hand painted with a little boy and girl which represents "Best Buddies"

Taaaa daaaa..... see... the kakak also gave me additional glitters on it...

Here I am waiting for the walk to start and (below) walking with the rest of them. On my left (right in the picture) is ko ko Marc, Mommy's friend who is also a blogger. He is the one who ask me to start a blog!!!

This is me after the walk. I was tired but it was fun. We should do this more often.... hehehehe

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