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Friday, September 12, 2014

a trip to the zoo

Mummy and I went to the zoo yesterday.  It cost RM50 for Mummy to get in and me RM20!!  This is because it was inclusive of a visit to the Panda enclosure.

 First we walk past the Butterfly garden. There was a huge scorpion outside... and I was scared.

 I saw a lot of animals. I saw a lot of tapirs, giraffe, hippos, penguins, monkeys, deers, etc..etc...

Outside the bird aviary, there are some eggs... I sat on one and it hatched.... hahahah... naaaahhh just joking..... it was already cracked when sat on it....

In the birds aviary you can see lots of birds!!! I like to see the bald headed stork.... it is both scary and fascinating.. I thought it was the 'bangau' but it isn't...

Help me!!! There's a tiger going to jump on me because I am wearing a tiger dress!!!

My favourite animal is the panda. It is so cute! Hey ! Who does not like pandas????

Me with Fuwa (above) and Fengyi (below)

After seeing the pandas, you can buy a panda zoovenir here .... at this shop... I got a nice pen. Mummy got a t shirt!!!

Here is my pen... cute isn't it? Less then RM5!!!

Don't forget to take pictures with the stone pandas outside the panda enclosure!!! They are even more cuter!!!! Although not as cuddly...

Here is a Malayan sun bear.... he is taller then me... hahahaha

This is my baby!!! I want a pony!!!!!!!

How do you like my pose???? Somewhere between this photo and the one below, I went to see the aquarium and penguins and had an encounter with a cute little mouse that looked like a kangaroo mouse on the run on the pathway.... it looked a bit like this!!!

Last stop.... butterfly garden....  and bye for now.... 

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